QuickBooks File Doctor is the In-built Software Providing Repair for Damaged Account Files

It is a well-known fact that no application or software can match the credentials of QuickBooks when it comes to managing accounts and bookkeeping efficiently. QuickBooks has established quality delivery in the track down of taxes, documents and account databases. Day by day the services of QuickBooks are excelling as the needs and demands of the users across the world is increasingly unconventionally.

QuickBooks File Doctor is an inbuilt application in the QB accounts software integrated in the QuickBooks 2014 and all the following versions. File Doctor was introduced in the QuickBooks software as a troubleshooting agent that can help the users to trace the damaged files and errors with accuracy and productive manner.

For holistically diagnosing a system, QuickBooks File Doctor delves deep in the stack of files keeping record and update of each one for perfect delivery. It consists of dynamic and flexible tools that an keep a strict watch over the execution of every file. After the overall database scan, the File Doctor provides you with the list of corrupt and damaged files, required modification and updates. Users can systematically deal with the problems in a responsive way. The complexities of the troubleshoot are reduced to negligible. Therefore, each and every user of the QuickBooks must get used to the basics and applications of Quick Books File Doctor.

The list of problems and errors that QuickBooks file Doctor manages to rectify quickly are as follows –

  • Recovery of data from various systems
  • Enable the multi-user setup and access
  • Rectification of errors H101, H202, H303 an H505
  • Issues related to .QBW and . QBA
  • The process of transferring data from other systems
  • Repairing of damaged files and database

QuickBooks File Doctor Heals Your System Files with Proficient Solutions

As a virtual doctor, QuickBooks File Doctor comes at the recuse of your accounts and system files. The burden of the unnecessary errors is reduced, and functioning is smoothened. Every glitch is tracked down and worked upon both automatically and manually, and the users are provided with the necessary files and database.

This embedded facility is available in the QuickBooks 2014 and latest versions after Intuit consolidated the QuickBooks File Diagnostic Tool and QuickBooks Network Connectivity Diagnostic tool into one program. In order to ensure viable environment, the QBFD immediately unpacks the remedial measures and repairs all the corrupt files scanned in the procedure.

Since File doctor is present as an essential tool in the latest versions of QuickBooks.

Network Diagnosis with QuickBooks file Doctor

Network Connectivity issues and other accounts network problem is troubleshot by the QBFD. The UAC settings are turned off, gaining administrative privileges. The service of Network Diagnosis is present by default in the QuickBooks and no add-on is required. Customers or users can reach out the services in the Advanced Settings, completely customized for best user experience. Often, the customers are troubled to understand the complexity of the troubleshooting, therefore our professionals are available anytime for help.

Throughout the world, QuickBooks is unmatched and unbeatable as no contender stands the quality of services and business performance provided by the efficient software.  The task is handled and completed within a short span of time and has versatile solutions. The accounts are safe and secured, the uncompromised quality and environment are guaranteed.

How QuickBooks File Doctor Helps to Recover the Lost and Damaged Files

QBFD offers finest solutions and set of tools to recover the lost and corrupt files when scanned by the software for regular diagnosis. Thus, QuickBooks to handle the working of File Doctor has programmed and developed ADR (Auto Data Recovery). It examines the files every 2 hours after creation and delivers the health report conclusively. For safety and future recovery, all the files are saved, and backups are taken in a separate folder. Conventionally, the ADR takes the backup action every 12 hours of interval and updates the system every 24 hours. The recovery is the best part developed since the year 2012 after QuickBooks applications merge in the year 2012.